Journey Church.

November 27, 2017

Journey family,
We are writing to keep you up to date on the future of Journey. We have now received the answers from all our attempts to pursue the options we outlined with you over the last several weeks. We all knew it was a “long shot” to find a path through our current situation and had committed this into God’s hands in prayer. We believe God has now answered, although not in the way that had been our first preference. And so it is with a great deal of sadness that we have come to the realization that we need to inform you that December 3rd will be our last public service together as Journey Church. The timing of this was originally intended to free our overworked volunteers throughout the Christmas season and to allow each of us to join our families in celebration of Christ’s birth. Now it will become our final service.

As we wind up our time together, we encourage you to be fully involved in our “Bless 5 Families” initiative, by bringing the appropriate food and financial donations on December 3. It seems fitting that we end as we began, seeking to love and serve the community around us.
We appreciate all of you, greatly. It is obvious that you have served and sacrificed for Christ through the ministry of this local church, and we are fully aware of the workload that many of you have carried. In all of this, we feel certain that God has been honored.
Please join us on this December 3rd weekend service, as we worship God together and celebrate the work that He has done. We know that it has not been in vain.